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Who did previous Challenges?

Challenge Participants Blogs

From 2012 till 2016 we ran the Challenge as a specific week. Participants from many different locations around the country took on the Challenge and worked with others in their locality to discover and explore good food choices. Many also submitted blog posts about their experiences which you can see here.

You can still take on the Challenge week yourself by following the process below. We encourage you to register which means you can share your challenge week with others by blogging about your experiences. This can be a simple couple of lines about the week, or something more substantial.

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Choose Your Challenge

Bite-sized challenge (Choose one thing for each day - 7 things)
Meal-sized challenge (Choose two or more things for each day - 14+ things)
Feast-sized challenge (Commit to eat only locally and sustainably produced food during the week. It may be useful to check the boxes below to prioritise what you'll focus on.)

Choose some of these actions for the week below. Put them into the calendar if it helps too. Click on the icon for related resources.


  • Don't use the supermarkets this week - shop at local independent grocers, butchers and delis
  • Shop at a farmers' market
  • Source farm-gate produce
  • Sign up to a neighbourhood fruit and veg box system
  • Source local meat & cheeses
  • Shop at a local food coop, buy in bulk, take your own containers
  • Buy cruelty free eggs (laid by happy chooks!)
  • Source free-range or organic meats
  • Go foraging! - eat edible weeds
  • Harvest and eat food from your own garden


  • Eat (at least) 5 Servings of Local, Organic fruit & veggies per day
  • Dine at a cafe or restaurant with sustainable features
  • Cook with seasonal produce
  • Cook with local oils or grains
  • Sip on local milk or juice
  • Enjoy local beer or wine
  • Swap sugar for local honey (or stevia)
  • Go plastic-free packaging
  • Go meat free (vegetarian)
  • Go meat and dairy free (vegan)
  • Make yoghurt
  • Make your own ferments (ie. fetta, sauerkraut, ginger beer, kimchi, pickled foods)
  • Make your own ice-cream
  • Make your own butter


  • Compost your kitchen scraps
  • Start a worm farm
  • Attend a local food swap
  • Visit a local commuity garden
  • Gather with friends for a local 'pot-luck' meal
  • Start a herb box or mini-plot (can be single pot on the porch, or something more in the garden)
  • Find out more about and try food preserving - bottling, drying, freezing
  • Find out about Urban bee-keeping


  • Like Local harvest on facebook, or follow on Twitter
  • Join a food coop
  • Join a CSA farm
  • Join a relevant community network (such as a permaculture group, transition initative, seed savers network, slow food)
  • Read a relevant book
  • Host a book discussion
  • Volunteer at a farm, school garden or community garden


  • Ask your local cafe for their coffee grounds for your garden
  • Sign up and campaign against genetic engineered foods, with Geneethics, Madge or the True Foods Network
  • Ask your local grocer, deli or favourite cafe to include more local produce
  • Ask your representatives (councillors, state and federal parliamentarians) to support organic farming
  • Speak with your school canteen about local sourcing
  • Start a garden in your community or school (or nature strip)


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