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5 Things you can do locally

  • Grow Your Own

    Guides to help you grow, harvest, preserve, and more...

  • Stories

    Yarns, recipes, struggles & successes from the Local Harvest community...

  • Local Challenge

    Take up the challenge to reduce your food miles for one week...


Why go local?

Eating locally benefits the environment, your health, farmers and your community...

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  • Adam Hills Adam Hills Comedian
    Spicks & Specks

    I am a moron. Seriously, a moron. My forefathers would be ashamed of me. Oh sure I can tweet such world-changing thoughts as what my breakfast consisted of, or shoot zombies for hours on end on a simulated computer game - but put me in a garden and ask me to fend for myself and I'm like a puppy in an electronics store. Fascinated but ultimately hopeless. More from Adam

  • Jackie French Jackie French Children's author
    Earth Garden Columnist

    Local food, or food grown with love or cooked with pride and idealism, doesn't just keep you alive; it keeps you in contact with the earth, the seasons, and your community. It creates a web of friendship. Most of all, perhaps, it makes you deeply happy - sharing food, loving how it tastes, every mouthful with a story of fulfilment behind it. More from Jackie

  • Jerry Coleby-Williams Jerry Coleby-Williams Organic gardener
    Director - Seed Savers Network

    I encourage people to convert streets and parks to permaculture, and to develop intensive organic food production at home. Since the passing of Peak Oil, strategies like these support Australian food sovereignty - and climate repair - in a Warming World. More from Jerry