Criteria For Inclusion

The focus of Local Harvest is ‘local food’ resources and ‘good food’ resources. This includes fresh food that support growers in a direct way, and food with features that are more sustainable or ethical than food commonly available through the supermarket or mainstream industrial food system.

Below we’ve outlined specifically what this means in relation to each of our listing types. Please check out the map before posting a new listing, to see if it’s already there. Before going live, posted listings will be approved according to our discretion using these criteria as a guide.

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Eat out

  • Restaurant, Cafe, Catering – the majority of menu is organic/biodynamic or sourced locally, OR the organisation has best practice sustainable features. Vegetarian restaurants and cafes are presently included in listing.
  • Brewery – micro-brewery.

Buy Direct

  • Organic retailer – certified OR non-certified but predominately organic produce.
  • Conventional retailer – non-certified, but some organic or predominately local produce (sourced direct from farmer, or sourced at the wholesale market but from local farms). Includes artisan bakeries.
  • Box system – Fruit or vegetable box delivery system. This may include any of the following: organic, sourcing directly from farm, non-organic local produce at wholesaler, non-organic produce from wholesaler.
  • Food co-op – organic, sourcing directly from farm, non-organic local produce at wholesaler, non-organic produce from wholesaler.
  • Eggs, meat & dairy – Eggs: certified free-range (Frepa, certified Organic, RSPCA approved), or non-certified free-range.  Pastured. No caged eggs.  Meat:  Organic, free-range, bred-free-range, rare breeds.  Dairy: farm-gate, supplies to co-ops, organic.

Grow & share

  • Garden supplier – SGA certified, other intentional promotion of sustainable practices (lovers of compost!).
  • Community garden – set up as a community garden.
  • Food swap – set up as a food swap.
  • Home production – equipment for home production (such as beer brewing, preserving).

Learn & participate

  • Community group, Course, Event – with focus on food-related sustainability, relocalisation, gardening, farming.

Meet the farmer

  • Farmers’ market – certified or non-certified.
  • Community farm – Community Supported Agriculture farms (operational and setting up).
  • Organic grower – grower or processor certified by NASAA, OGA, ACO;  or non-certified with specifics of organic farming practices.
  • Biodynamic grower – grower or processor certified by Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI) under the DEMETER label.
  • Conventional grower – participant at Farmers Markets; other specific sustainable features.
  • Farmgate sales – sell from farm.
  • Pick your own – pick-you-own produce available.


(included but not shown as default on map –  can choose through filter)

  • Organic wholesalers – wholesale organic produce
  • Organic processor – process organic produce
  • Non-Organic wholesalers – selected wholesalers of local produce
  • Non-Organic processor – selected processors of local produce


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The short of it

  • Fresher, tastier and more nutritional food
  • Fair pay for farmers
  • Get in touch with the seasons
  • Enjoy knowing the story behind your food
  • Less energy, emissions and food miles
  • Help change our food systems in the face of peak oil