Amanda Thompson: Tuesday 8 April Day Three

9th April, 2014 —   

Breakfast today was home made sourdough toasted and spread with home made marmalade. Lunch for me was toasted sourdough topped with Cobram Estate Olive Oil (Victorian) and tomatoes out of the veggie garden. My children had a mixture of sourdough and tomatoes, pumpkin soup and vegemite on sourdough.

We took a walk up the road to look after our friend’s guinea pigs while she is away then stopped in at the Selwyn Park community garden in Albion to check on the worm farms.

We harvested quite a few cherry tomatoes while there and also two quinces. Once home we slow roasted the tomatoes to start preparing them for use in a sauce for dinner that night. We then made egg pasta with our Doreen eggs and 00 Ben Furney flour. We decided to make cannelloni so we could use the Floridia ricotta. Other ingredients in the filling were Bega cheese and silverbeet from our veggie garden. I gathered some more tomatoes from our garden along with sweet basil to add to the sauce. and also added Ceres Fair Food onion and homegrown garlic. The meal was served with Ceres Fair Food grated beetroot and salad leaf salad, enjoyed by all and none was left. Not a bad effort.


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Name: Amanda Thompson
Suburb: 3020
State: VIC
Size: Feast-sized

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