Amanda Thompson: Sunday 6 April Day One

8th April, 2014 —   

Sundays are busy for me these days as I am doing a six-month course which means I am out of the house all day on a Sunday til the middle of the year. Nevertheless, I felt confident starting my first day of the challenge with a bowl of Kialla Rolled Oats porridge purchased through local farmer champions Ceres Fair Food (CFF) followed by my homemade sourdough bread spread with Aussie butter and my homemade marmalade. The marmalade is made with Victorian grown oranges purchased through CFF and the sugar I guess comes from QLD. The flour for my bread is two types; one being the classic pasta 00 flour purchased from Bigfields in Sunshine and milled by Ben Furney Flour Mills in NSW the other flour being my home milled wholegrain flour made from wheat purchased from Biodynamic Marketing based in VIC. I think their grain may be grown in NSW. Ben Furney Flour Mills have not responded to my request for information about where the wheat for the 00 flour was grown although the packaging says Product of Australia. Out of interest I decided to check Kialla’s website to see if I could find out where their oats where grown as CFF did not mention this on their website however I assumed the oats would be Australian. I was therefore pretty amazed and shocked to read on Kialla’s website that the oats come from Finland! I contacted CFF to inquire if they knew the oats were Finnish and to request that this be noted on the product description on their website but have had no response. I am now feeling very conflicted about eating the oats this week! Lunch on Sunday turned out not to be the light snack I usually have during my course but a two-table long spread put on for the class as a surprise by our teachers. It was mostly home cooked and very wholesome but I have to say I made little effort to ask about the origin of all the food and just decided to enjoy it.

Came home Sunday to home baked ANZAC biscuits which my husband had made. He must have had a moment of madness as I think this is only the third time he has ever made biscuits since I have known him. They were really good and our family of five devoured them in no time, Finnish oats and all. Dinner was down to me so I scavenged around in the slightly less than glorious looking end of summer veggie garden for some tomatoes which were roasted in Victorian olive oil and stirred through home made fettucine. The four eggs that went into the pasta were laid by our very own chickens. I feel for the sake of transparency that I should let you know now that I have not given up my Twinings Lady Grey tea during the challenge. Some things are just beyond the pale. I have no idea where the tea comes from, India perhaps… I know this is a bit slack on my part.

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Name: Amanda Thompson
Suburb: 3020
State: VIC
Size: Feast-sized

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