Kerri Paine: Roundup of Challenge Week

12th April, 2013 —   

Local Harvest Challenge week; done and dusted. We bought local, ate seasonal, grew edibles, thought, learned, acted. Very glad we did it!

Locals promoting locals - that's what we talking 'bout!

If that doesn’t tell you enough, visit my long winded roundup on my blog for a blow-by-blow summary of our successes and a few …well, not quite failures, but …extended schedule challenges. No failures in a week where some thought goes into food choices and community.

Thanks to my husband for being a great team player and to Local Harvest for a great challenge.

Let’s make it bigger and better next year!

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Name: Kerri Paine
Suburb: Central Coast
State: NSW
Team: Locals for locals

Kerri Paine's Challenges

  • Don't use the supermarkets this week - shop at local independent grocers, butchers and delis
  • Shop at a farmers' market
  • Source farm-gate produce
  • Shop at a local food coop, buy in bulk, take your own containers
  • Harvest and eat food from your own garden
  • Eat (at least) 5 Servings of Local, Organic fruit & veggies per day
  • Cook with seasonal produce
  • Make yoghurt
  • Compost your kitchen scraps
  • Start a worm farm
  • Visit a local commuity garden
  • Start a herb box or mini-plot (can be single pot on the porch, or something more in the garden)
  • Find out more about and try food preserving - bottling, drying, freezing
  • Find out about Urban bee-keeping
  • Like Local harvest on facebook, or follow on Twitter
  • Join a relevant community network (such as a permaculture group, transition initative, seed savers network, slow food)
  • Read a relevant book
  • Ask your local cafe for their coffee grounds for your garden
  • Ask your local grocer, deli or favourite cafe to include more local produce
  • Talk about great local businesses that fit the buy local model. Our support is needed for them to keep up the good work in the face of cheap, nasty produce available from others.