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31st March, 2013 —   

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It only dawned on me last night as we were returning from the local food challenge preparation evening that I was totally unprepared.

First thing first, a little info on what this challenge is about. Basically it is about eating only what has been grown within 100km of where you live for a whole week. You can take the challenge on at different levels, for example just including 1 thing a day or meal, but we are doing everything, except oil and salt. We did try and make coconut oil but it didn’t exactly make enough for a weeks cooking and friends who are also on the challenge made salt from the ocean water. Otherwise everything else is local.

Now for the reality of it!

What were we going to eat for breakfast? I had vaguely thought about lunch and dinner and had a few ideas, but breakfast had completely slipped my mind.

After a desperate sms to a fellow comrade on the challenge “what about breakfast” I was not remotely put at ease when she responded with “taro porridge with honey and fruit”. While she made it sound OK, let’s not delude ourselves too much…. Taro porridge…… I’m thinking….. Stodgy!

Now well into the hours of our first morning and we are doing ok… There has been a few laughs, a few I’m hungry, but at least we made it through breakfast and I am feeling slightly more confident about lunch.

Breakfast ended up being banana and egg pancakes cooked in coconut oil with a honey and lime sauce.. Yep just blend banana and egg together and fry them up. Michael was not impressed, but Misha ate five and for someone who does not like cooked banana I had my fair share. As you can see from the picture they couldn’t have been that bad! Phew one breakfast down six to go.


Morning tea time

By 10am Michael was complaining of hunger and that he couldn’t do it anymore and was just going fry up some left over rice. I gentle urge to use something local and within minutes he wiped up a eggplant, garlic chive, omelette which was delicious, but demolished in seconds….hence no photo.


Prep Prep Prep!

Preparation! That’s what local food is about. So ahead of time I have prepared my casava pie case, and I must say I am quite happy with the outcome, but taste will tell.

I have sugar cane on the stove hoping to extract some sugar for something yummy later on and the chicken has been stuffed with paw paw and lemon basil and popped in the slow cooker.

With any luck i will get a break from the kitchen once the pie comes out of the oven! Oh and the filling was a combination of duck eggs, chicken eggs, garlic chives and snake gourd.  Yum oh!



For the full week’s posts, please visit http://michaelishungry.blogspot.com.au/

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