Votedwithour forks: Local Harvest Challenge – Day 1

2nd April, 2012 —   

What with the ending of daylight saving we are up early enough to cycle off to our localSouthside Farmers Market, specifically to buy eggs and organic milk. It’s a great morning to be riding on Canberra’s cycle paths and we see several places where people have expanded their veggie patches out side their fences alongside the bike paths.

However with several of our favourite suppliers not at the markets today we are out of luck with getting eggs from within the ACT. Instead we find another supplier from just over the border at Murrumbateman. Likewise there is no milk supplier here today either! Perhaps we should have opted for the 100 mile trial instead.

At least our nearby towns are providing tasty food. We did get some Queanbeyan produced frankfurters and csabai from the Zivko’s van. When it comes to bakery goods we were at least able to get Canberra products – croissants for breakfast from Bush Breads of Australia and some yummy Creme Brulee pastries from Creme ‘n Suger for later.

On the way back home we stopped to pick some dandelion flowers to complete the dandelion marmalade (as seen on River Cottage Everyday, a few weeks ago) that I’d started on Saturday night.


Cutting the dandelion petals – I think this is really an activity for princesses trapped in towers!


The base for the marmalade is a mix of citrus (bought) and apples (feral picked) with some dandelion petals and water. This is then simmered for an hour before putting the mix in a muslin bag and leaving the juice to drip through overnight. On Sunday morning I made the marmalade by adding sugar to the juices and boiling until it reached setting point. Once I’d taken the jam off the heat I added the second lot of dandelion petals. Tasting the jam is scheduled for Day 2 of the challenge.

So here’s the days food summary:

Breakfast: croissants, locally baked with apricot and raspberry jams, both made from homegrown fruit

Lunch: frankfurters, locally made, on homenade bread, with homemade tomato sauce (own tomatoes)

Dinner: Chicken yakitori with veggie tempura, homegrown carrot, beans and radish. Otto cheese (Bruny Island, Tas) with home made spicy apple and plum pastes.



Veggies for the tempura and the finished dish


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Votedwithour forks's Challenges

  • Don't use the supermarkets this week - shop at local independent grocers, butchers and delis
  • Shop at a farmers' market
  • Source farm-gate produce
  • Source local meat & cheeses
  • Sip on local milk or juice