The Farm Gate by Nashdale Fruit Co.: Local Harvest Challenge – Day 1 (1/4/12)

1st April, 2012 —   

I should have mentioned when I decided to take on this challenge on behalf of my family, that we are in the middle of harvest! This means that we rely heavily on fast easy meals, chocolate and any other energy boosting sugary foods. We are also rarely home between sun up and sun down! Add a 10 month old in to the mix and our household is somewhat chaotic at the moment.

None the less hopefully we will come up with some exciting meals and can be a bit adventurous with the local products we have in the house and stick to the challenge!

Today is Sunday, and a ‘semi’ day of rest, kind of. Not Really! Sunday at the moment kind of feels a bit between Wednesday ‘hump day’ and Friday. It is our last day of markets for the week (yay), but it also mean that harvest begins all over again tomorrow!

Day 1.

(ingredients used: Racine bread, our Strawberry, Balsamic and Pepper Jam, Bills English Breakfast tea, Fourjay hazelnuts strawberries, bramley apples, beure bosc pears, Fourjay Unsweetened Museli, Fourjay hazelnuts, our clear apple juice, onions, Trunky Creek chorizo, Egganic eggs, Abilene Grove olive oil, tomatoes, home parsley, home spinach, garlic, Saltbird salt, Ploughman’s Hill red wine vinegar and olives, Jannei marinated goats feta, pepper, cinnamon)

– Toast with Strawberry, Balsamic and Pepper Jam and English Breakfast Tea. (Harry – stewed apple and pear with cinnamon and Fourjay muesli, baby style)
Lunch– (snack)
Dinner– Our One Pan Eggs and Chorizo (our go to quick yummy meal) with toasted Racine Bread to scoop up all the yummy juices!
Snacks/Drinks– Strawberries, Apples, Hazelnuts and Clear Apple Juice. As well as a coffee for me and a gingerbread man cookie for Harry from A Slice of Orange.

The wonderful place mats used with breakfast and dinner are from the lovely, Bendy Street Emporium.


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Name: The Farm Gate by Nashdale Fruit Co.
Suburb: Borenore
State: NSW
Size: Feast-sized

The Farm Gate by Nashdale Fruit Co.'s Challenges

  • Don't use the supermarkets this week - shop at local independent grocers, butchers and delis
  • Shop at a farmers' market
  • Source farm-gate produce
  • Source local meat & cheeses
  • Buy cruelty free eggs (laid by happy chooks!)
  • Source free-range or organic meats
  • Go foraging! - eat edible weeds
  • Harvest and eat food from your own garden
  • Eat (at least) 5 Servings of Local, Organic fruit & veggies per day
  • Dine at a cafe or restaurant with sustainable features
  • Cook with seasonal produce
  • Cook with local oils or grains
  • Sip on local milk or juice
  • Enjoy local beer or wine
  • Swap sugar for local honey (or stevia)
  • Go plastic-free packaging
  • Compost your kitchen scraps
  • Start a worm farm
  • Start a herb box or mini-plot (can be single pot on the porch, or something more in the garden)
  • Find out more about and try food preserving - bottling, drying, freezing
  • Find out about Urban bee-keeping
  • Like Local harvest on facebook, or follow on Twitter
  • Read a relevant book
  • Ask your local grocer, deli or favourite cafe to include more local produce