Tess Raine: Day 1

6th April, 2014 —   

The first day of eating locally for a whole week …. and we’re off to a very tasty start. Lots of time in the kitchen but pretty happy with the result!

Served up with a glass of Peppers Mountain Mixed Berry Cordial…excellent fare!

Tah dah…An ‘Al sized serving’ of roast veggies and our own Peppers Mountain Pork sausages complete with onion and apple gravy.

More pics here!

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Name: Tess Raine
Suburb: Stroud
State: NSW
Team: Happy as Larry
Size: Feast-sized

Tess Raine's Challenges

  • Don't use the supermarkets this week - shop at local independent grocers, butchers and delis
  • Shop at a farmers' market
  • Source farm-gate produce
  • Source local meat & cheeses
  • Source free-range or organic meats
  • Harvest and eat food from your own garden
  • Cook with seasonal produce
  • Enjoy local beer or wine
  • Go meat free (vegetarian)
  • Make yoghurt
  • Make your own butter
  • Compost your kitchen scraps
  • Visit a local commuity garden
  • Find out more about and try food preserving - bottling, drying, freezing
  • Like Local harvest on facebook, or follow on Twitter
  • Read a relevant book
  • Volunteer at a farm, school garden or community garden