How to Save Seeds – The Backyard Farmer blog


We’ve currently got some rocket in the garden that is starting to go to seed, so I thought it would probably be  good time to write a post about saving seeds.

Saving seeds is one of the most rewarding things a vegetable gardener can do.   There is great delight knowing that you are growing your vegetables from seeds collected from the previous season.   And by doing so,  you are getting a little closer to be self sufficient.

I encourage other novice backyard vegie gardeners to save seeds, as it is very easy to do.   One benefit is that you are also breeding seeds that are suited to your own backyard micro climate.

(Stop ranting ….So how do you do it , you say)

So when saving seeds, you will want to keep your best produce for seeds.  I know it sounds silly and that you will probably want to scoff them down, but to ensure that you have a good crop the following year I suggest that you leave the healthiest plants for seeds.  Below,  I’ll show you how to save Rocket seeds, However the same princepals can be used for other seeds as well.

Reproduced from Backyard Framer blog.  Read more and see seed-saving steps here.