How to get ready for a green baby


As a new parent you want a healthy, safe environment for your children to grow up in. At the same time, the pitter patter of little feet can lead you to super-size your ecological footprint.

You might find yourself upgrading appliances, getting another car, running the washing machine ragged and literally burning the midnight, and 2am, oil. The good news is that there are many simple things you can do to help our environment that will also make life more comfortable for you and your baby. Many will also save you money – a precious commodity when you have another mouth to feed!

What you really need to buy
Learn from experienced parents what you really need to buy new for the baby, what you don’t need, and how you can save heaps.

feet in front of heater Stay comfy, save money – draught proof and insulate
You’ll be spending more time at home, so some simple and cheap fixes now will help you stay comfortable.

Put your home on a detox diet
Babies are more sensitive to toxins so reducing the chemicals in your home is a great idea. We’ve got some ideas on how to live without quite so many chemicals.

Making big buys?
Babies can mean big buys – a bigger fridge, a dishwasher, a new or second car, maybe even a bigger house. Use our tips and links to buy greener.

spanner Safer, greener renovations
Tips on sustainable design and materials, and making sure your renovations are as safe as possible for expectant mothers and babies.

Save water, energy and money
With more time at home, you’ll be using more energy and water. Find out about the gadgets and habits which will cut your environmental impact and your costs.

Getting around with a baby
With our parents’ tips on prams, slings, public transport and bicycles you avoid the hassles of parking and get some fresh air and exercise while you’re getting from A to B.

Give reusable nappies a go
Modern re-useable nappies save you around $2,500 and 700 kgs of waste from landfill. It’s not all or nothing, so why not give them a try and see how you go? 
Reproduced from Environment Victoria. Read more here.