Good Chooks – where to get them


Find small-scale family-owned poultry farms on the Local Harvest Map. Zoom in or radius filter to find egg suppliers close to you., a premier food blog, have created a handy list of small-scale family-owned poultry farms. See post below.

Alt.chook directory

Do you think two chickens allocated a space equivalent to an A3 page are ”free to roam”?

“The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is suing Baiada (owner of the Steggles and Lilydale brands) and Turi (La Ionica brand) for allegedly misleading consumers with their claims that their chickens are free to roam – even if that may mean up to 20 chickens crammed into a square metre in a barn,” reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Labelling is lax, feel-good marketing terms hide the ugly truth and self-regulation by industry means a myriad of certification. It’s just so much easier when you know your farmer.

Get to know one now; the onus is on you to research whether the chooks are well-raised to your standard.



See this useful comparison table for what to look for when buying free range chooks, from Sustainable Table.

See these listings on the Local Harvest Map.

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