Free-range eggs – where to get them


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“The Australian Egg Corporation, which represents most egg farmers, this week sent new draft standards to producers, which would allow a free-range egg farm to run as many as 20,000 chickens per hectare,” reported The Land.

What the!?!

Three producers—Novo, Pace Farm, Manning Valley—dominate the egg industry; they account for well over half the free-range eggs sold in Australia. Some come from flocks of up to 120,000 birds. The happy chickens on pasture printed on the label of many supermarket free-range brands are only that. Printed on the label.

Industry is keen to streeeetch the limits of what “free-range” is. There is no enforceable common standard to ensure the animals have been near a paddock (let alone a blade of grass).

So what’s to do?

Free Range Egg and Poultry Association of Australia, RSPCA and Australian Certified Organic certify free-range egg producers. They have clearly defined standards (check their websites) and regularly inspect the farms. However, the most rigorous standards are provided by Humane Choice; these would meet consumer expectations of free range farming.

Alternatively, know your farmer.  … more


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