Climate zones


Knowing your zone will help you find what will grow most successfully in your garden. Choose your zone from the list to see what you can consider planting right now.

Detailed information on Australian climate zones can be found at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website.

Australia – arid

  • This zone crosses Australia from coastal Western Australia to the Great Dividing Range in the East. It includes all the desert area, Kalgoorlie, Alice Springs and dry inland areas of Queensland.

Australia – cool/mountain

  • Mild or warm summer. Cold winter with frosts. Includes high areas of the New South Wales Northern Tablelands (Armidale, Guyra, Glen Innes), Southern Tablelands, Canberra/ACT, and most of Tasmania.

Australia – sub-tropical

  • Warm humid summer (average January maximum temperature < 30 degrees C). Mild dry winter. Includes the eastern seaboard from Brisbane south through Coffs Harbour to Sydney. Coastal WA from approx Geraldton to Canarvon

Australia – temperate

  • Warm summer (average January maximum < 30 degrees C), cool winter. Includes inland Queensland,New South Wales tablelands and coastal region south of Sydney, and much of southern coastal Australia from Melbourne, Adelaide through to Perth.

Australia – tropical

  • Hot humid summer (average January maximum temperature > 30 degrees C). Warm winter. Extends across the north of Australia from Canarvon through Port Hedland, Broome, Darwin, Cairns, and south to Rockhampton.

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