Food Co-ops – an Introduction


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Food co-operatives are groups of individuals who have got together to form a co-operative to buy food. This gives them the ability to bulk-buy at wholesale prices, and also to have more control over the food they buy. The food co-operatives featured in this section all aim to buy food that is organic, fairtrade

Another advantage of bulk-buying is it allows the group to reduce packaging, with members using their own containers to take away their food., locally-produced.

Some food co-operatives have set up stores that are open to non-members as well as members, with members usually receiving a discount.

Food co-operatives have democratic structures giving members a say in what food the co-operative buys, and rely partly or entirely on voluntary work from members. Many Australian food co-operatives are run by student unions at universities but most are open to non-students as well.

Reproduced from Eco-Directory.  Read more here.