Local Harvest is a new national initiative aiming to help people find local sources of food and grow their own.

A directory of sustainable food in Australia

A national directory for finding food co-ops, swap meets, community gardens, farmers markets, box systems, organic retailers and more by simply entering your postcode.

Helping you to produce your own

DIY alternatives for food production and meeting essential needs, including resources for growing and making your own.

Local Harvest Challenge

Take up the Local Harvest Challenge, where for one week you attempt to reduce the 'degrees of separation' from your food. Based on the Household Action Challenge run in previous years.

There is a fantastic similar resource existing for the USA found at www.localharvest.org on which this project has been based.

We need $10,000 to get this project up and running, can you help?


We need volunteers! Can you help us gather funding, pull together content for the website or talk to local food providers in your community?

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