The Ultimate Sourdough Companion


Interested in baking bread that is risen naturally using wild yeasts. Two amazing resources that will guide you to the perfect rise!

(1)  Sourdough companion is a friendly community of bakers (of all levels) interested in Sourdough bread. Based in Tasmania, but with a global reach, this website is packed full of baking resources such as Bakeries in Australia, sourdough recipes, a community forum (home of the infamous Bake-Offsphoto gallery, videos and baking supplies. You can sign up and upload your own photos & recipes, and join in the discussions.

(2) Warwick Quinton’s SourdoughBaker Breads are legendary amongst sourdough lovers. His cooperatively run bakery, based in Newcastle, is centred around its woodfired oven, named Bertha. Sourdough baker is his one-stop-shop of acquired wisdom, with info on flours, starters, recipes, equipment and stories to feed your dough.