Local milk – where to get it


For the most amazing list of organic, family-owned or independent dairies, see the wonderful blog site – FlavourCrusader.com . If you’re a dairy drinker, here’s where to get it! … Big thanks to Sharon for this great work!.

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As the major supermarkets fight wars over the price of milk, other players step out of the ring and compete with quality. Small dairies still pasteurise to meet health regulations, yet many supply milk non-homogenised; the milk retains its creamy texture and an old-fashioned layer of cream rises to the top.

Most also do not add non-milk additives, permeates or stabilisers. So they sell… just milk.  Revolutionary!

Here’s a list of organic, family-owned or independent dairies; the milk is stocked in markets and shops near you.   … more

Reproduced from FlavourCrusader.com.  Read more here.