Homemade Skin-care


Support small Australian businesses selling shampoos, cosmetics, skin care and soaps where possible. There are many available online.

Try these resources:


Or find locally made sin-care products at markets close to you. Find Farmers’ Markets on the Local Harvest Map. Zoom in or radius filter to find Farmers’ Markets close to you.


Better still, make your own.

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 Homemade Skin Care & Makeup Tips

Why spend hundreds at buying skin care products when you can go to your local fruit market and get all your skin care products you need for under $10. Below are some crazy homemade skin care & makeup ideas that has worked for others which you may like to experiment with. You be your own judge to see if it works. Experiment at your own risk!

Avocado Mask (dry skin)

Using the Skin of avocado as your ingredient

Smooth skin of avocado all over complexion, let firm for 15 minutes rinse off. (Avocado is very rich in antioxidants, which are great in preventing the pre-mature aging of our skin)


For Dry Skin
If your about to head out the door in 30 minutes, but you notice that you have all those flakes on your face from dry skin, then this recipe is for you! It gets rid of the flakes, plus it’s good for you!

You simply put 1 tbs. milk with 2 tbs. honey and begin mixing! It takes a while for the mixture to completely blend together, so just be patient and keep on working at it! Then, wash your face with your hand soap (like Dial) and put the combo on your face and leave on for 15 minutes. It’s a good idea to tie your hair back tightly, so all your fly-aways don’t get caught in the stickiness of the mask and totally flaw your hairstyle that you worked and hour on! After the 15 minutes are up, just easily wash the mask off and “ta-da!” all those flakes are history! Then put on your make-up as usual, and your ready to face the world (without flakes on your face!)

Silky Smooth Skin
Beauty tip. In the shower pour corn meal on a wet washcloth and after you have taken your shower as a finish, rub the corn meal all over your body for silky smooth skin.

Make-up Remover
A great way to take off make-up is with baby oil. Just dab a little on a tissue and swipe across your face!

Eye puffiness
Eye puffiness can be caused by fluid retention that builds up while you sleep. You can reduce your puffiness by sleeping on your back and elevating your head a little bit.

Natural remedies to reduce puffiness are to apply cucumber slices, tea bags, cooling masks and gels to relieve your skin.


Natural Deodorant recipe
Mix up your own sweet smelling deodorant spray without all the nasty chemicals found in conventional pharmacy products.

50ml Vodka
2 Tssp witch hazel
10 drops lavender oil
1 drop juniper oil
1 drop lemon oil

Fuller Lips
A dab of lip balm in the centre of the bottom lip creates the illusion of fuller, bee-stung lips, by catching the light


Reproduced from Greenorganics.com.au. Read more here.