Go Local this Christmas!

There many ways to make choices this Christmas that reflect your values.  See a whole bunch of handy resources at the Ethical Christmas Guide.  Here’s a few hints from there.


The Christmas Meal

Ham often comes from Canada, Denmark or the United States, traveling about 15,000kms.  Imports from these countries account for 64 per cent of processed pork consumed in Australia. (More on ‘Meeting your meat‘).

If you’re keen to celebrate Christmas by reducing food and travel miles,  try sourcing your ham, poultry or chook from a local free-range meat provider.

See listings tagged ‘free-range’ on the Local Harvest map.

There’s plenty more resources that we’re still in the process of getting into the database. For more great sources of free-range meats see the links below.


> FlavourCrusader Alt.Pork,
> FlavourCrusader Alt.Turkey,
> FlavourCrusader Alt.Chook     (and FlavourCrusader Alt.Eggs)
> Sustainable Table’s Ethical Meat Suppliers
> Free Range Pig Producers Where to buy Free Range Pork
> Ethical Christmas Guide Free Range Meats
> Locavored produce index

A note about labeling: ‘Bred free range’ piglets are weaned at about 4 weeks and raised indoors in eco shelters. Unlike ‘accredited free range’, which raise an animal that is free range for all of its life. Choose ‘accredited free range’ where possible


Great ‘local’ gift ideas for Victorians

Seasonal Regional, will take you on a journey across Victoria to meet the people who produce our food, exploring the challenges and joys of making a living off the land. This celebration of our food landscape takes in farmers’ markets, small-scale growers, cellar doors, rare breed meat producers, farm gates, heirloom fruit and vegetables, pick-your-own farms and more, giving an insight into how and where our food is grown.

Featuring some of Victoria’s finest food producers and more than 80 seasonal recipes created by celebrated chefs and home cooks alike, Seasonal Regional will entice you to explore the glorious and sometimes obscure produce the state has to offer.
Whether you are motivated by taste, the environment, ethics, health or support for local industry, Seasonal Regional will change the way you look at food forever.


The Field Guide to Victorian Produce is the first comprehensive guide to Victoria’s regional produce and the people that grow, make and sell it.

The Guide makes it easy for anyone to be a locavore, to access quality produce from their food region, or to enjoy regional food tourism by going direct to the source.  Find out more at locavored.com. Buy online at the ethical shop.




Reclaim the real meaning of Christmas. See more great ideas for food, gifts and decorations at the Ethical Christmas Guide.

The short of it

  • Fresher, tastier and more nutritional food
  • Fair pay for farmers
  • Get in touch with the seasons
  • Enjoy knowing the story behind your food
  • Less energy, emissions and food miles
  • Help change our food systems in the face of peak oil