Nick Ray: 2014 – DAY 4 … milk to die for

9th April, 2014 —   

We have had a revolution in our house. Janet grew up on a dairy farm and so has a longing for the awesome healthy milk that she knew as a kid. This last week we’ve started getting Mountain View Organic milk through a milk coop in Yarraville. The 300-acre, family owned and operated farm is under Organic Conversion. Amazing best-practice in terms of ethical standards. Pasture fed, chemical free. Nanny cows are retired. Steers (males) are raised to the age of 12 months on the property, to be eventually part of beef share program. Herd Share. The farm is in Hallora near Warragul (120kms).

We made really tasty yogurt from this milk.

The irony is that we picked up last week’s 5 litre order late (on Sunday) and have another 5 litres coming this evening (Weds). Then Janet’s parents (who are retired dairy farmers) arrived to stay over and brought 4 litres of regular supermarket milk.

With the in-laws over, we went out to dinner tonight. Amazing just being in a space with no kids. Thought this was a prime opportunity to do some detective work. I ordered an entree of salmon, and main of pork loin. Restaurant owner was nice but couldn’t tell me anything beyond who his supplier was (a butcher in Williamstown). Obviously it was prepared on the premises.


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Name: Nick Ray
Suburb: Footscray
State: VIC
Team: Westies
Size: Feast-sized

Nick Ray's Challenges

  • Source local meat & cheeses
  • Shop at a local food coop, buy in bulk, take your own containers
  • Shop at a local food coop, buy in bulk, take your own containers
  • Shop at a local food coop, buy in bulk, take your own containers
  • Buy cruelty free eggs (laid by happy chooks!)
  • Go foraging! - eat edible weeds
  • Harvest and eat food from your own garden
  • Cook with seasonal produce
  • Go plastic-free packaging
  • Go plastic-free packaging
  • Go plastic-free packaging
  • Start a worm farm
  • Visit a local commuity garden
  • Join a food coop
  • Join a CSA farm
  • Speak with your school canteen about local sourcing